Research Analyst at ImpactMatters


Research Analyst

Full-Time in New York, NY - Associate

ImpactMatters seeks applicants for the position of research analyst, based in New York. ImpactMatters, a 501(c)3, conducts “impact audits” of nonprofits to rigorously estimate their philanthropic impact, compelling them and their funders to make evidence-based decisions. Our analysts are instrumental to the success of our mission, carrying out the research needed for each impact audit.


As a research analyst, you will work with top nonprofits operating in the United States and abroad to rigorously analyze their impact and make recommendations for ways to improve their evaluation strategy and data systems. Specifically, you will work to:

  • Frame program mission and outcomes: The analyst clarifies the mission of a program and propose mission-driven outcomes.
  • Estimate impact and cost: The analyst constructs a model to estimate program impact on outcomes and the cost needed to generate that impact.
  • Assess evidence: The analyst reviews the evidence behind the impact estimate and determines ImpactMatters' confidence in the estimate.
  • Write up findings: The analyst drafts a report on findings. The report is shared with the client and, if the client agrees, the public.
  • Recommend improvements: The analyst makes recommendations to the nonprofit on how it can improve program evaluation and data systems.
  • Manage the relationship: The analyst works with their project manager to meet client needs.

Each impact audit is conducted by a team of ImpactMatters staff, including a research analyst, part-time research associates, project manager and senior director. Research analysts report to their project manager and receive training, feedback and guidance from their senior director.

Research analysts also contribute to ImpactMatters' research standards, methodology and processes.

Experience and Skills

We look for four key characteristics in our analysts: research ability; analytical reasoning ability; organization and project management skills; and writing expertise.

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree. We prefer candidates with a degree in economics, social sciences, public policy or related fields, but it is not required. We also prefer candidates who have spent some time working for a nonprofit or for another social sector organization, but this is again not required.

Candidates do not need prior expertise in benefit-cost analysis, assessment of evidence or the like. We provide upfront and ongoing training on our analytical methods and practices.

Candidates must be fluent in English and have excellent writing skills. Our analysts work closely with project managers, but manage their own workload; as such, candidates must be able to self-direct their work and quickly and efficiently meet deadlines.

Years of Experience

0-3 years

Salary Range and Benefits

Our research analysts make $40,000-$50,000. ImpactMatters provides generous health, dental and vision benefits and a 401(k) with a matching contribution.


Our preference is for candidates willing to work out of our New York office. We will consider candidates in Boston or who would prefer to work remotely.

We look for candidates who are able to make at least a two year commitment.